How to Hide the ShipInsure "Product" in your Shopify store?

Use the instructions below to ensure the ShipInsure Product is not included in Shopify featured or recommended products list, discounts, top sellers, and more.


First, create a new Product collection to exclude ShipInsure:

  1. When logged into your Shopify dashboard, click on Products (on the left nav)
  2. In the menu under Products, click on Collections
  3. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on Create collection
  4. Name the collection something like “All Products v2”
    1. That name will become the url, so keep it simple
    2. If you are not currently using any custom collections, and you name this new collection "All", it will override the default collection, and you might be able to skip the having to update your template files.
  5.  Set the Type and Conditions 
    1. #1 Under Collection type, click Automated
    2. #2 Under Conditions, choose Products must match: all conditions
    3. #3 Add the rule: Product vendor is not equal to ShipInsure
    4. #4 Add the rule: Product type is not equal to Insurance
  6.  Save the collection

Note: This will create a collection of all store products where ShipInsure is excluded. Any new products will automatically be added to this collection, so no additional work is needed to maintain this group.

If you already have other specific collections, please include these two rules (Product vendor is not equal to ShipInsure and Product type is not equal to Insurance) in addition to any other rules you have, so that ShipInsure is excluded from those collections as well.

After you have saved the collection the first time, the url will be locked to that name, but you can go back and change the title of the collection without affecting the url.

Updating your template files

You may need to update your template files and configuration, to refer to the new updated collection, so only the products you want will be displayed.

The exact locations will vary depending on your theme.

Here is an example from Dawn theme to update “Shop All” button, and Feature Products list to point to new collection (‘all-products-v2’ in this example)

If there are main navigation links in the header or footer that point to collections, you may need to update them to point to the new collection.

Here a “Catalog” link in the header nav is updated to point to the new ‘all-products-v2’ collection.